Shared Governance

In pursuit of effective participation structures and procedures to facilitate participation in shared governance for classified professionals, California School Employees Association, Chapter 535 recognizes the Classified Senate of Norco College as a professional organization promoting the interests of all classified professionals in shared governance. Therefore, the following process regarding classified employee appointments to shared governance committees will be inclusive of classified professionals while meeting the mandates of Senate Bill 235 and the MOU with CSEA Chapter 535. The Classified Senate will make recommendations to CSEA for appointments.

Committee Appointment Process

Committee Appointment Process

Vacancies and the Committee Appointment Process

During the academic year, if you have a vacancy on your governance group, committee co-chairs need to submit vacancies for classified professional representatives to the Ruth Leal, Classified Senate Chair, and Leona Vassale, CSEA NC Vice President. Please fill out the form:

Request for CPROS Representative Form

Please provide:

  • A brief description of the committee’s purpose, responsibilities, and scope
  • The number of classified professional representative vacancies
  • A brief description of the knowledge/expertise desired
  • The time commitment (including hours, weekly/monthly, start and end date for project teams)

Announcements will be posted to CPROS social media and classified pro listserv. Interested classified pros will submit their interest and complete questionnaires.

The Shared Governance Committee reviews all applicants and submits recommendations to the Classified Senate. If approved, the Classified Senate will recommend the appointments for final approval by CSEA NC Vice President (if needed).

* Classified Senate will endeavor to fill the vacancies as best as possible. Any requests received or unfilled after the first day of the fall semester will be handled on a case-by-case basis per the CSEA Committee Appointment Process.

Current Classified Representative Vacancies

The Shared Governance Committee has gathered a list of committee vacancies. If you are interested in serving on a project team, committee, or council, please see the opportunities listed.

Classified Representative Vacancies:

Winter 2023 Classified Representative Appointments

  • Lilia Garcia – Interim Classified Co-Chair for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for the remainder of the 2022-2023 academic year.  
  • Elizabeth Lopez – Student Support Council for a one-year appointment through the end of 2023.
  • Janelle Brekke – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee  
  • Charise Allingham – Document Control Project Team  
  • Desiree Wagner – Document Control Project Team  

Classified Committee Assignments

CPROS Committee Membership 2.15.23

Classified Representative Questionnaire

Classified Representative Questionnaire